Through this blog I am trying to increase interest in art as well as craft to polish the talent in school going boys and girls. More attention taken by schools in this regard can help the students to achieve their mission in this field.


1)  Portrate
2)  Stones (In various colours)
3)  Fevicol or any good gum
              All above written things are easily available in the market. We have to bring these things and according to the design stick stones in the portrate.

3D embross painting.

How to create
1 . First of all made the four of the bed sheet on the table
2. Place the piece of valvet from the black side on the the cloth and hold it tightly from the four side ,apply the hot iron on the valvet cloth
3. Remove the press when whole design Emboss.
4.After the Emboss apply base coat on the whole Emboss part.
5.Keep the Scenery for 10rto 15 minutes.
6. Apply shading  of different colours according to photograph given. Shake well  colour before use.
7. Coating of colour on colour should be done in the same way.
8. You can mix the water if colour is getting thick.
9. Mixing of orange + white  you will get face colour now, other colour can be made light in the simple manner as required.
10. For eyes and outlininguse black sketch pen.

 Flower pots

                    FLOWER POT

                        Flower pot is the sample of craft item used as a decorative piece for drawing room, living room etc. Materials used in flower pot are given below –
1)    Clay pot
2)    Paint of your choice
3)    Stone
4)    Any good gum (generally fevicol is used)


       Paint the flower pot first in your favourite colour. Then draw the sketches of your choice on the pot. After that, you have to use the gum on the design and paste stones on the pot.

 Radha Krishna