Fabric paint designs

The art or process of applying paints to a fabric to make a picture or other artistic composition with brush is called fabric paint

      1)    You have to draw a choice design on the fabric.
      2)    Fix the cloth in a frame with the design. It should be very tight.
      3)    Fabric  and the pattern should be the main aspect to choose the colour for fabric painting.
      4)    Always starting the painting from the outline of the designe and going forword towards the middle with enough colour. Always remember to not to spread unnecessary colour on the fabric.
      5)    To create shade, take rose petals and fill white colour in it. After that, add crimson red in ita little. It will turn into pink. In this way, you can create light as well as dark shades according to flower pattern.
                                                                  beautiful design of flower for curtain  01

                                                            design of flower 02

                                                   beautiful flower pot for table cloth 03
                                                                  design for saree 04
                                                   design for table cloth 05

                                                             design for table cloth 06
                                                             border design 07
                                                                       design for pillow cover 08
                                                design for bed sheet 09
                                                      design for bed sheet and table cloth.
                                                     saree border design.
                              saree and table-cloth border design.