Mehndi Application

Though cones are available in the market but the size you make the cones is up to you. If you don’t want it too big or it will be hard to handle. You can make the cone.
Essential things to make cone.
1.       Poly pack foil
2.       Tape
3.       Mehndi (heena) powder
4.       Muslin
5.       Nilgiri oil
6.       Sugar

How to make cone
1.       We take a rectangle piece of poly pack foil.
2.       We have to fold the poly pack’s upper left corner. Though its not so easy because of its slippery nature. So, we have to do it very carefully and leave a very small hole at the bottom to squeeze the mehndi paste as well as big hole on the top for pouring the paste in the cone.
3.       We pour mehndi (heena) paste in the cone.
4.       And lastly we fold the open end of the cone and seal it with a paper.

How to apply mehndi (heena)
Fine mehndi (heena) powder is readily available in India market. We buy the powder and filter it through muslin cloth. We take nilgiri oil, sugar, lemon at the proportion of the mehndi (heena) powder, for example if we take mixture of lemon juice and sugar apply when the mehndi (heena) is to be applied.

We apply mehndi (heena) in our desired pattern. We keep it glued in that design for 5 hours. We scrap off the dried mehndi (heena) after that period.Now we apply nilgiri oil in the mehndi (heena) painted area. This area should be kept off water for 12 hrs.


                                                   DESIGN OF MEHNDI 2

                                                         DESIGN OF MEHNDI  3
                                                           DESIGN OF MEHNDI 4
                                                        DESIGN OF MEHNDI 5
                                                                  DESIGN OF MEHNDI 6
                                                           DESIGN OF MEHNDI 7
                                                                   DESIGN OF MEHNDI 8

                                                        DESIGN OF MEHNDI 9
                                                        DESIGN OF MEHNDI 10
                                                            DESIGN OF MEHNDI  11
                                                                 DESIGN OF MEHNDI 12
                                                        DESIGN OF MEHNDI 13
                                                           DESIGN OF MEHNDI 14
                                                            DESIGN OF MEHNDI 15
                                                      DESIGN OF MEHNDI 16
                                                     DESIGN OF MEHNDI 17
                                                        DESIGN OF MRHNDI 18
                                                           DESIGN OF MEHNDI 19
                                                                           Finger designs
mehndi design 20
                                                            mehndi design 21
                                                    mehndi design 22
                                                          mehndi design 23
                                                            mehndi design 24

                                                       Design 25

                                                                     design 26
                                                                      design 27

                                                                 design 27
                                                                    design 28

                                                            design 29
                                                          design 30
                                                                      design 31
                                                       design 31
                                                                 design 31

                                                                       Design 32
                                                                 design 33

                                                                          design 34

design 35
design 36